Frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery

Will I have scars after a cosmetic surgery?

If there is an operation, there will always be scars. The cosmetic surgeon will however make every effort to ensure that they are as unobtrusive as possible. Usually the incisions are planed and placed in invisible places, such as (depending on surgery) in the crease of the armpit, the hairline, the crease of the eyelid,wrinkles,etc

Are there many risks associated with cosmetic surgery?

In general surgical procedure can have its risks. This could be risk of bleeding, infection, thrombosis, problems in wound healing or scarring. However aesthetic surgery is performed only in healthy people and being so the rate of complications decreases dramatically and serious complications are fortunately rare. The risk of complications is reduced by keeping strictly to the advice and requirements of the surgeon

Can I use after cosmetic surgery again to work at once?

After most surgeries you require a few days of rest so that your body can recover. Heavy physical work is usually only possible after several weeks. Ask well in advance how long you probably will be out of circulation.

Should I stop smoking if I want to perform cosmetic surgery?

It is strongly recommended that you quit smoking. Smoking increases the risk of complications, particularly in the field of wound healing.

Ask Dr. Manuel Figueiroa