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Face Lift

As time passes, our faces start to lose their elasticity, resulting in saggy skin. These excess folds of skin on the face and neck make the face look tired and aged.

As both the face and neck start to sag, many people choose to have a face and neck lift procedure simultaneously. The results are revitalizing and rejuvenating, giving a fresh, firm, long-lasting and youthful looking appearance.

A face and neck lift takes place under general anaesthetic. The excess facial skin from the neck, chin and cheek areas are carefully and skillfully removed. The Surgeon may also tighten the underlying muscles and delicately reposition the facial tissue. The scars will be hidden around your ears and in your hairline and will usually fade over time. The procedure, which normally takes about 2 hours and usually requires an overnight stay in hospital.

Sometimes it is only necessary to have a mini lift which is a less extensive procedure that targets a small area of the face.

Face Lift - Madeira Estetica

Dr Manuel Figueiroa